Monday, April 25, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award - Yay!

Versatile Blogger Award

THANK YOU to Ren at Dali's Moustache and Christie at Fine Lines for sending me a Versatile Blogger Award. Yay! :]

As requested, 


1. I hold my breath when I put on a t-shirt, like I'm going under water.
2. Pop Tarts are not safe in my house. I am a fiend. I have wrestled 3-year-olds for them. Not your 3-year-old, of course. :)
3. If I hear 'Rocky Top' I will whoop, holler and dance around like the hillbilly I keep hidden deep, deep inside. Same goes for 'Sweet Home Alabama'.
4. I have always lived near trains. Currently, my house shakes when they go by. It would be weird not to have train noises in the background of my life.
5. My super power is reading upside down.
6. I am most at peace at the edge of the sea.
7. I have removed a live chicken from my place of business. I have also been asked to vacuum my boss.

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  1. Melanie, thanks!! I appreciate the shout-out for my blog. I've been reading a lot of lists of "7 facts about me" and yours is without a doubt the BEST list I've seen. It totally made me smile. Now I've got to think about what MY super power is...

  2. I loved reading the seven things about you! You seem like a person I would enjoy! I, like Phyl, enjoy the "my super power is…". I guess I could be your side kick if seeing letters upside down is a super power:) Thanks so much for the honor of the award. I will be sure to link you off from my blog too.

  3. I did already get one, but now I feel super honored to get a second one! Especially from someone who seems like they'd be a real hoot to teach a class with. I would definitely play Rocky Top and Sweet Home Alabama for background music! I can read upside down too, but I have surely never been asked to vacuum my boss- though secretly I may have wanted to.