Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Art and the Darndest Things

As promised, here is the result of my Earth Day art challenge. Just had one participant who sent a picture. but others made sand art at the beach. They just forgot their cameras. 

Red Star
It was created on a back porch. True to the nature of Earth Art, it blew away little by little.

I just got back from teaching some little guys about Alexander Calder. We made stabiles and I had to share the wonderful things I overheard while they created their masterpieces.

A  new student introduced himself by saying "My name is _____ and I really love art. I draw every day before breakfast!"

His buddy complained that coloring wasn't his favorite because he had trouble staying inside the lines. Well I had to jump on this.
Me: "You can color however you want. I hardly ever stay inside the lines myself."
Him: "Yeah. I had that feeling about you."

And my favorite for today: "This is great! It's like we're real artists already!"

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