Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rock Stars of the Renaissance

Seven young artists recently finished a wonderful week of learning about the Renaissance. The catchy title for camp was Renaissance Men, even though we learned about a couple of Renaissance women too. Of course, toward the end of the camp I came up wither a catchier catchy title: Rock Stars of the Renaissance. Oh well, there will be other camps.

We started with the late middle ages for background. 
This is a decidedly modern illuminated letter!

We learned about the Limbourg Brothers and used magnifying glasses for
 the fine details of our Book of Hours pages.

A Book of Hours page for the artist's birthday, including her Zodiac sign and the sun 
high in the sky because she was born in the afternoon.

 Painting on the "ceiling" is fun for a few minutes, but four years? 
How did Michelangelo do it?

 Michelangelo day means frescoes. Painting on wet plaster is careful work.

 A Da Vinci subject for a Michelangelo project? Oh my!

Michelangelo Fresco - Age 6 (Another Da Vinci subject - a battleship)

Mirror writing on Da Vinci day.

Got it right the first time!

 The Da Vinci parachute drop was a big success. 
DISCLAIMER: No plastic soldiers were harmed in the course of this project.

 How we keep track of all those pesky dates.

 Crushing "pigment" to make our own paint.

You gotta break a lot of eggs... make egg tempera.

 Experimenting with our home made paint.

Egg Tempera Painting - Age 10

 Relief in the style of Ghiberti - Age 7

 Gold Leaf Rondel in style of Fra Angelico - Age 7

On the last day we visited The Chrysler Museum of Art, right down the street.

A scavenger hunt in the European Gallery.

We were so lucky! A restorer was working on one of the Renaissance paintings.

He was very patient and gave us a lesson on art restoration.

We spent some time sketching in the sculpture gallery.

Sharing discoveries - what the Renaissance was all about!

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