Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Art Night Now 'Green' AND Gold

Sign up for Art Night and get a lucky, golden art coin for the local Art-o-mat!

Art-o-mat originated in Winston-Salem where there are LOTS of old cigarette machines. What do you do with them? Retrofit them to dispense art! Artists from all over the world create original works that are vended through these machines for the price of a $5 golden token. You could get a sculpture, painting or even jewelry!

Norfolk's Art-o-mat is at Ms.Magoo's House of Style Salon (No, I'm not making this up) located in the Hague Towers. Here are the rest of the details:

Art Night: Go Green 
(and get some Gold)

Friday, March 11, 6:00 - 8:00

Kiddos: Make a cereal box assemblage using "green" materials and the color green. Enjoy cheese pizza, juice boxes and have fun!
Parents: Have two whole hours to do whatever your grown-up hearts desire!

$35 per child age 4 to 11
10% Sibling or Church Member Discounts Apply

Only 4 spots left so let me know quick!

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