Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SEPTEMBER in the Studio

Play Doh sculpting  is a popular warm up activity.
Ahh, September. Summer's over, the air cools and we go back to school and art classes. Time to reconnect with old friends, welcome new ones and make some ART! 

Working on our sketchbook covers.
We started off with a "getting to know you" activity where each artist filled out an info sheet giving vital information like favorite color and what they like to draw. These are posted on the wall just inside the studio door. Check out our talented artists next time you drop off or pick up from art. 

Adding dots to our dots.
The Littles read The Dot by Peter Reynolds and made their own dots which are now "framed in swirly gold" in the studio. The Bigs read Dog Loves Drawing and prepared their sketchbooks for the year. We used lots of art materials to design decorative covers for the sketchbooks we will use to record what we learn.  

Undersea "Mural" after Wyland - Reese - Age 5
 Next we dove right in to creating undersea scenes after muralist Robert Wyland. The kids were very excited to discover one of his "whaling walls" is right here in downtown Norfolk! All age groups did this project, but the Bigs are still finishing theirs. They'll be posted next month.

"Blue Letters & Numbers" after Jasper Johns - Michael - Age 4
The Littles finished up the month by learning about Jasper Johns' obsession with numbers. He created many, many works based on that theme. We studied his textural piece, White Numbers, and then did our own versions! The Bigs are doing work based on Johns' number series as well. That, too, is coming next month so stay tuned!

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