Monday, March 25, 2013

What do we do when we're done?

"Ms Melanie, I'm done."

Those are quite possibly my second-least favorite words in the universe; second-least only because they are always followed, immediately, by my very least favorites:

"What do I do now?"

I don't think I'm alone in this. I expect art teachers the world over agree. "But, I can't draw a _________." doesn't even come close.

So what do we do when we're done? Nobody ever seems to finish their art at the same time. Every kid has a different pace and kids in general do not like to wait. 

Thus, the I'm Done Center!

Ta da!

I created this center for the older kids. Here they can find plenty of artistic things to do to fill time. Their sketchbooks are available along with lots of ideas of things to draw and how to draw them. Art related puzzles and creative activities are there too.

Pumpkin Sketch  - Age 11
The I'm Done Center has been a BIG hit with the older crowd since it was introduced last month.  Before it was added, the cool kids congregated around the Chalk Table. 

The ever popular, often dusty Chalk Table.
If you're not a fan of chalk dust, there are always dry erase boards and plenty of paper and crayons for free drawing.

Tandem drawing in pink and purple with Crocs.
The younger kids have favorite "I'm done" activities too. These are more often social endeavors. Sharing and turn-taking are skills we use in the art studio daily. 

Wiki Stix are a fun way to "draw" or create 3-D art.

Wiki-Stix "Drawing"
Gifts of fabulous jewelry are appreciated.
Cardboard "blocks" can be used to create anything from Star Wars T.I.E. Fighters to abstract sculptures. (More often, the former. *sigh*)

This sculpture was a group effort,

Art-related puzzles are available for all age levels

We have a selection of artist finger puppets. You have to know the puppet's name before you can play with him/her.

You never know when a puppet show will break out in the middle of art class.
And since the puppets have magnets in their heads,
we sometimes mix a little science with our art.

You can make art from anything.

Playdough is a go-to activity, but creative minds don't even need the play dough. The tools are enough.

And finally, here is Ms Melanie's favorite answer to "What do I do now?": 

"Read a book."

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