Monday, October 15, 2012

Show Me The Mona Lisa!

Mona Lisa fresco - Age 11

One way I get little artists' attention is by calling out "Show me the Mona Lisa". The kids respond by folding their hands in their laps or on the table, smiling sweetly since they love art class SO much, and putting their eyes on me. (Mona Lisa's eyes follow you where ever you go. This is a source of infinite fascination to the 6 - 10 set.)

I didn't make this little trick up. It's a technique many art teachers use. This little prompt works extremely well, I suppose because it's more like a game than a command. Today I found a really cool   Mona Lisa Expressions Game to share with you. You can even choose to play in a different language!

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  1. Great!! It would also be an effective tool to use teaching emotional intelligence to children with autistic spectrum disorders - matching facial expressions to emotions. Brilliant!