Saturday, September 8, 2012

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation - Art Around the World

Summer started with a trip around the world! Within the two weeks we visited five countries and learned about their art and culture. 

First stop - INDIA: Namaste!
We made menhi by tracing our hands and adding designs...
...then we helped our friends decorate their actual hands.

Diwali lamps ready to paint.

The finished products.
Rainy day plus Indian music equals Bollywood style dance party!
On beautiful days we found ways to create outside.

On to Japan: Konichiwa!

Cherry Blossoms: Step 1 - Remember to blow OUT!
Step 2 - Add flowers
Step 3 - Add your chop.
You can't visit Japan without making origami.

And drinking out of your own paper cup.

The bigger kids tried their hands at Sumi-E.

Along the way we made new friends.

Next stop: Botswana - Dumela!

Ndbele is funny to say but painting with feathers is hard!

African masks are always a hit, though.

The little kids visited Australia: G'day Mate!

Aboriginal bark paintings. Good thing my neighbor has a birch tree!
And the big kids ended their travels in Mexico. Hola!

Another kind of bark painting - Amate.
 In the end, we traveled for real - to The Chrysler Museum of Art.

Actual Sumi-E tools. Cool!

Reading about art is almost as fun as making it.

Stay tuned for the next installment of How We Spent Our Summer Vacation.

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