Friday, September 30, 2011

Art Dudes

These guys have been hanging out in the studio for awhile now, aimlessly clinging to the cabinet, generally up to no good. When I saw them in The Chrysler Museum of Art gift shop, I had to have them. Artist finger puppets with magnetized heads? YES! As with many "have to haves" I didn't exactly know what I was going to do with them, With no clear purpose, Picasso became "jail guy" and Warhol became "the scientist". This would not do. I hatched a clever plan.

Now they are a matching game, which I introduced this week. Each dude has a corresponding name and work. These are packing tape laminated (win) and have magnets taped to the back, recycled from those advertising magnets you get all the time (win again).  One student gave a "Yay!" when I said next week I might just mix them up. If nothing else, my little artists will know these six artists. Not too shabby.

* In the interest of full disclosure I must add that the Van Gogh puppet had both his ears. I found this disappointing, so I remedied it.

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  1. Ms. Melanie the Art teacher who moonlights as an ENT surgeon......Ha! Did you happen to catch the episode of Dr. Who on Saturday night? So cool! It re-imagined Van Gogh's life as if he had been transported to present day and could see and hear all of the love and adoration of his life's work-Sniff! I'm getting teary just thinking about it.......Love, love love your game. I have had Dali on my desk for a few years and now I know it's time to have a few friends join him so my students can play the neat game you created! Thanks!