Sunday, February 13, 2011

Same Project/Different Kids

There are many things I love about teaching art, but right there at the top of the list is how individual children interpret the exact same project. There are developmental aspects, of course. We simply don't have the same attention span, fine motor or abstract thinking ability at four as we do at ten. And then there are the unique personalities that come into play.

This project was based on Kandinsky's Farbstudie Quadrate. The children were given oil pastels and told to make concentric shapes in various colors. They could pick the shape.

This little guy is four, and as you might guess, his name starts with M.

Here is how a six-year-old interpreted the project. She felt the need to put black lines between each area. She also carefully planned out her colors, making all the center dots first, then coming back and placing an oil pastel in each block for her next color. After she used those to make a second ring, she continued her process of placing all the oil pastels as markers then adding rings.

Here is the most traditional interpretation, by a ten-year-old rule follower.

And last the renegade. This young lady, age eight, had her own, fabulous agenda!

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